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Hello Reader,

Welcome to Haaya-Blogs, created by me a 30 year old mum of three. I have made this blog to better myself in terms of my personal growth and development and in doing so hopefully aid others who may share similar experiences.

Most will probably wonder what Haaya means and if it’s actually my name, NO it’s not my name, in fact it is my eldest daughter’s nickname.

More so; Haya (with one a) actually has a beautiful meaning an Arab word pertaining to modesty, self respect and decency. In retrospect the word itself is derived from the term Hayat in Arabic meaning life. So to me Haaya is important as a reminder of life and its many blessings.

As you can imagine life can either be denoted in either a positive or negative light however in this blog I am on a mission to ensure that we talk about things bad and good all whilst looking at the positivities we are blessed with.

As I have mentioned below I am on a self discovery journey of positivity and here I will document my own discoveries, tips and recommendations.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, look forward to connecting with you.


R x