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Have you ever thought that you would be isolated in your own home due to a serious pandemic that affected the whole world? Nope, me neither but unfortunately it is our current reality.

Welcome to my very first blog post! Never have I thought in my 30 years of life that firstly I would be writing a blog post and secondly we would be in a worldwide lockdown due to a contagious virus. Please bear with me on this post as I write the different self care tips I have employed during this period especially to overcome my anxiety and to maintain a state of positivity. 

Despite the negativity from the press worldwide and due to my volatile anxiety levels, I have been working so hard to ensure that my anxiety does not creep up; because I know the detrimental effects of being so low especially as a wife and a mum of three and having to spend so many hours together with my kids and husband during this period. I have actively engaged in a new routine of self-care and positivity into my life which, I believe has been helping me significantly and would certainly be beneficial to all regardless of the pandemic or not.

“ have been working so hard to ensure that my anxiety does not creep up; because I know the detrimental effects of being so low especially as a wife and a mum of three.”

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1. Reduce hours spent watching or reading the news

During the beginning of the lockdown, I was spending so many hours watching and reading the news and looking up stats on the ever-rising cases of #COVID-19 and death rates. This was not only time consuming but it was also making me more and more anxious. I had been spending many hours looking up symptoms and likening it to any cough or ache anyone in my household had. I have completely stopped watching and reading the news since and I honestly feel so much better in terms of my mental #WELLBEING.

2. Netflix and chill

Find yourself a great tv show to watch and enjoy! It will surely take your mind off the situation right now. I have watched a couple of good #NETFLIX series, my favourite so far have been Ozark and Money Heist, I’ve also dabbled with a few Korean dramas. 

Words of warning just make sure you are not wasting your whole day binge-watching shows.

3. Read a good book

I have not been able to read much since I had my third child last year but I have been trying my best to pick up the many unfinished books I have lying around. At the moment I am trying to complete bestseller, ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ by Paul Kalanithi- it’s an emotional and thought-provoking book but absolutely inspiring and very well written. 

4. Listen to a nice podcast

I love listening to podcasts especially those that illicit positivity. Some of the ones I have been loving are ‘On Purpose’ by Jay Shetty, the Mindful Muslimah speaks and Freshly grounded. These podcasts talk about goal setting, empowerment and implementing positivity into our lives. It’s a perfect time to utilise these tips and advice.

5. Use a diffuser

I love using diffusers, I am pretty new to the whole world of diffusers and aromatherapy. However, I would highly recommend investing in one. I purchased my first diffuser from Amazon about a year ago and I have been using it since. 

I like using my diffuser with Frankincense essential oil because I feel the immediate effects and benefits, after all, it does reduce my anxiety levels. Using the diffuser daily lifts my mood, keeps me calm and makes the rooms smell amazing, I have also noticed that my asthmatic toddler sleeps well during the night when I use it around her since she can breathe better.

6. Burn Natural Frankincense

Besides using a diffuser I enjoy burning Frankincense resins. This is an old age cultural tradition which I have seen done by mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Funnily enough, I have always heard from elders in the family that frankincense is used to ward of Jinns (ghosts) as it gets rid of bad energies. Nevertheless, I can vouch for its benefits, it is powerful in terms of mental health and reducing stress and anxiety. When used after cooking it gets rid of the odours and maintains neutral air.

I use an old burner which was given to me by my grandmother but there are many beautiful burners widely available online sufficient enough to use in your own homes.

7. Skincare Routine

I like to maintain my skincare routine because I know that when my face and skin feels good I am happy within myself. Maintaining a good skincare routine is a powerful tool, it may seem shallow for some but it makes all the difference to your mental wellbeing. 

On a daily basis I wash my face with my favourite cleanser, toner, moisturiser and for extra hydration I use a facial spray. I do try to mask every other day and use a jade roller and gua sha tool regularly with my serum of choice, which at the moment is the vitamin C serum. This serum has evened out my skin and has reduced my smile lines. Overall, it makes my skin feel really good!

Over the past month, I’ve implemented the use of the Jade roller and I’ve noted a reduction of swelling to my face especially when I use it in the mornings. I have also noted how much more defined my jaw and cheeks are. Surprisingly the rolling and scraping action of these tools have some sort of soothing effect which is naturally #calming!

8. Drink plenty of water and reduce snacking on unhealthy food

I find it hard to drink water throughout the day as I would much rather have a lot of juice and tea. As with everything in life, excessive consumption has negative consequences and as such, I am trying hard to drink more water. One of my other bad habits is snacking on sugary foods, unfortunately, I just can’t give up on this however I have resorted to limiting my intake to once a day or twice on those odd days when I feel down (a little extra chocolate will never hurt)! 

During this lockdown, I have noted many people all over social media talking about resorting to snacking throughout the day mainly to stave off boredom. Unfortunately, I am guilty of doing so, not only is this detrimental to our health it is damaging on our pockets and may also mean we are going to the shops much more often than necessary and thus exposing ourselves to the virus more. 

9. Find a new hobby or engage in something you once enjoyed before.

For me, I have been exploring my creative streak; trying to master the use of photoshop, creating material on Canva, making pinterest posts, creating a website and now learning the ins and outs of blogging thus the reason why I have decided to write my first blog post.

 10. Read or Listen to the Quran.

The power of listening to or reading the Quran is immense in that it actually takes me to a place of serenity and peace. This is something which has been instilled in me from a young age, my parents had always encouraged me and my siblings to better ourselves and most importantly use the Quran as a source of guidance and peace.  

I don’t unfortunately read the Quran on a regular basis, however I have been trying my best to at least do the minimum be it a couple of verses or a few pages so that I don’t neglect it. This period at home has given me the opportunity to try and do so; on days when I feel down I try listening to a recitation on Youtube just to take my mind of things and honestly I can’t recommend this enough!

If you are reading this and can not relate to me due to religious or spiritual differences, I would still advice you to give listening to the Qur’an a go and let me know how you feel after!!   

We have to try our best to keep up with the many good habits we have formed during this period and ensure that we are reducing any damaging habits.

I am writing this post not only to benefit others but rather for myself as I try to maintain positivity and some sort of normality in my life during this uncertain period in our history.

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